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  • AFMC Board Certified Practitioner
    School of Applied Functional Medicine


  • Certified Health Coach
    Institute for Integrative Nutrition 


  • Microbiome Management
    The Gut Institute

School of Applied Functional Medicine (S
Beth and Dottie

Beth Andrews, CHC, AFMC

The revelation I had some potentially serious genetic issues set me on a path of discovery that led straight to functional medicine. Once I learned more about the importance of balance in my body, I was able to tackle the biggest chronic condition I have ever had—my skin issues. 

I have been plagued with some pretty severe skin diseases. I had suffered from psoriasis since childhood, and, as an adult, I developed some of the worst rosacea I had ever seen—worse than most cases I came across in my research. It started as acne on my face, then broken capillaries started developing and then it also developed into ocular rosacea (basically giant boils inside my eyelids) and eventually my entire face turned into a sea of red patches when I got nervous or drank wine. Good times!

Over the years, I tried every ointment, cream, and antibiotic available. But nothing ever worked for more than a short time. Once I was immersed in functional medicine, I began to realize that I didn't need to live with these unwanted health problems, including bad skin. 

In fact, after healing my gut and balancing my microbiome, I now have ABSOLUTELY NO SKIN ISSUES! Not a single spot of acne or a single patch of psoriasis. People who suffer from skin disorders can understand what a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders.


Now, it's my turn to help others do the same. 


Functional Medicine can help with these conditions and many more:



You are really only as healthy as your gut.  Most of our immune system is housed there, and inflammation throughout our body starts right there in our gut.  Acid reflux, ulcers and IBS all have root causes and can be fixed without drugs.  



Helping people with skin issues is a huge passion of mine. Your skin is your largest organ, and inflammation on the surface is a reflection of what is happening inside your body. I can pinpoint where this inflammation begins and help you fix it! 



Whether you have diabetes or simply a difficult time losing weight, there is always a root cause. Some people can eat a healthy diet but be unable to lose weight for a myriad of other reasons. I can help you determine why this s happening. If you have diabetes, I can help you reverse it. 



As we age, bone health becomes more critical to overall health. If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, or if you just want to prevent bone loss, I can help you determine what to do for your unique body. 

HINT: The health of our bones has very little to do with our calcium intake. 


Even though rheumatoid and osteoarthritis are different in their root causes, all types of arthritis begin in the gut. Arthritis can always be helped—and often reversed—by finding out what is causing it. 



Autoimmune diseases are each part of a dynamic that begins in the gut. There are some frightening diseases that have autoimmune dynamics, as well as some mild symptoms that go unrecognized until diagnosed. Finding out what imbalance is causing a unique person to develop autoimmunity is the key to preventing and healing these diseases.

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