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5 East Steps

Committing to a Functional Medicine Practitioner is a big decision.
I've made the process easy. Here's how it works...

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Book a free Zoom call with me here. 

Let me give you a little of my time—and my knowledge—without any obligation. Let's be sure we are a good fit for one another before we move forward. 

Complete a health history form. 
Your health history will give me a solid jumping-off point for determining the root causes of your health concerns. If possible, you will also provide results of your labwork over the last two years.  

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Meet on Zoom

Our first meeting together will last about two hours via Zoom or in person, if you wish. I will explain in detail what I found in your health history and lab results. Together, we will carve out a plan that addresses all of your issues.

Review Your Progress

Twice a month, we will meet on Zoom for about an hour to review your progress. During our follow-up meetings, we will determine what's working and what needs to be tweaked, adding and subtracting as needed. We will also arrange for additional labwork, if needed. 

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Ask Questions

Of course, I am also available between sessions for any questions that arise. Your success is my success, and I'll be with you every step of the way. 

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